Kindgifs is a little tool that generates cute animated gifs of text, using the PICO-8 font! The code is on Github, or you can download it for Windows or Linux on!

I also made it into a Twitter bot that's running on my C.H.I.P., in my room! You can tweet @kindgifs, and it will tweet a gif of your text back at you.

Notice Me <3

As a lonely ghost, trapped in your house for a thousand years, you finally have a roommate - you'll do anything for them to notice you! When they want something, go knock it off their shelf and bring it to them - but don't let anything hit the floor and shatter! They'll flee their haunted house...
Left/right cursor keys to move. Bump objects off the shelf and bounce them off yourself to bring them to the human - don't let them fall!

You can play Notice Me <3 on!

(Or, you can play Notice Me <3 on this site!)

This was my first game using PICO-8.

iGEM: agent-based model of bacterial communication

I'm a part of McMaster's iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) team, where I am programming an agent-based model for quorum sensing. I am trying to model populations of bacteria by simulating each individual bacterium's behaviour separately, including secretion and reception of bacterial communication chemicals ("signals"), and hopefully patterns will emerge in populations which mirror those that are observed in laboratory settings. You can visit the team website, or look at the dry lab repository!

PicoSym: user-defined shortcuts online

After upwards of two years in physics, I realized I was pretty sick of repeatedly looking for greek letters or mathematical symbols in special characters lists or Google search results. I wrote a little Javascript trinket called PicoSym to reduce the time I spend on that. It maps any shortcut to any string of text to replace it with. So you do have to find the symbol once, but after that, you just need to type your shortcut - which can be anything! Adding, changing, and removing shortcuts is really easy; you just have to write them in a designated text area, and then they'll be ready to go! I'm planning on adding text formatting stuff so that you can write entire reports or what have you on the page, and then copy everything to your word processor/Google docs at once. You can use it here or click the button at the top of the page!